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Tool Bars

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Many of the common program functions are grouped into button bars called "Tool Bars". Most of ADCAR's windows incorporate at least one tool bar. In cases where the window in question includes sub-lists of associated data records, there will be additional tool bars for those lists. A typical tool bar is shown below.

The command buttons and the functions they perform are described in detail below. In many cases, some of the buttons described below will either be omitted from the tool bar or disabled, indicating that their respective functions are not applicable.

Close – Closes the window.

Help – Displays help information for the window.

New Record – Adds a new record to the database. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-Insert]

First – Move to the first record. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-Home]

Prior – Move to the previous record. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-PgUp]

Next – Move to the next record. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-PgDn]

Last – Move to the last record. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-End]

Edit Record – Places the displayed record in Edit mode, allowing fields to be entered and/or modified. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-Enter]

Post Edit – Saves any changes made to the displayed record during editing. ADCAR will do an automatic "Post" before moving to another record or closing the window. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-Enter]

Cancel Edit – Cancels any changes made to the displayed record during editing. When an edit is canceled, all fields are restored to their pre-edit state. A confirmation dialog is always displayed first, giving the user an opportunity to retain the changes.

Refresh – Refreshes the display of the page.

Modified By – Displays a dialog showing the date and time the currently displayed record was last modified. If Access Control is in use, the username of the person who did the modifications is also displayed.

Locate – Displays a search dialog to aid in locating records in a large database. The search dialog allows the user to locate a record using all indexes available for the database in question.

Recalculate – Will force a recalculation of all items on the displayed page.

Delete Record – Permanently erases the displayed record. A confirmation dialog is always displayed first, giving the user an opportunity to cancel the delete. Keyboard Shortcut: [Ctrl-Delete]

Print – If a record-print option is available for the database, clicking this button initiates the print operation.

Move Up – Moves an item up on the displayed table.

Move Down – Moves an item down on the displayed table.

Select All – Selects all documents for printing.

Clear Selection – Clears all documents selected for printing.



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