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Templates Window

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The Templates dialog (shown below) lists all of the report templates contained in the library.


The list includes the following columns:
Sequence Number (#) – This number controls the ordering of the templates in the list. When ADCAR builds the Reports pull-down menus, the menu selections are created in this order. You can change the order of the reports via the and buttons on the right.
Menu Group – This column shows the name of the menu grouping in which the report is contained. For example, the three reports with "Personnel" in the Menu Group column will be listed as sub-menu selections within the "Personnel" menu group. If the Menu Group is blank, then the report is shown as a top-level menu selection.
Menu Name – This is the name of the menu selection for this report.
Description – This column contains text which describes what the report contains.
Modified – Shows the date and time when the report template was last modified.

Command Functions

Edit Report – Edits the template for the selected report.
New Report – Creates a new template which is a copy or "clone" of the selected report leaving the original template unchanged.
Delete Report – Deletes the selected report. Only user-created reports created with the New Report command can be deleted. Reports shown with a gray background are locked and cannot be deleted.



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