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Setting Program Options

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Global program options are set from the Program Options Window. To change the options click "Edit". Configurable fields will change from Green to White. When finished cick "Save & Close" or "Cancel". Changes here will affect all records in the program.

Note: It is important to understand how ADCAR treats Day/Month/Year intervals. Day and Year intervals compute to the exact day. Month intervals compute to the last day of the calendar month. Events like pilot medicals and checkrides that are good to the end of the calendar month should use month intervals. Passports and events that are good only to the calendar day should use Day or Year intervals.


Company Information

Enter company information here. This information is optional and will be accessed by reports that require this information.

Medical Certificate Valid For

Enter valid intervals for pilot medical certificates. The default is the current FAA requirements for pilot medical certificates. If the requirements change in the future, or if you want different intervals for company requirements you would make the changes here. See the note about how ADCAR handles Day/Month/Year intervals.

Passports Valid For

Standard interval is 10 years. If you require a different interval you can change it here. See note about how ADCAR handles Day/Month/Year intervals

Program Inactivity Timeouts

ADCAR will automatically post open records and shut down the program after the entered time elapses.

Due/Expiration Date Color Tags

Changes here will affect the expiration color flags for both the data windows and reports. Underlined and boldface only apply to reports that are using this feature. Unchecking "Print In Color" will use grayscale for monochrome printers.

Grace Period

Usual interval for items using a grace period is one month. If you require a different interval you can change it here.

Safety Management System Options

If your Safety Management System requires different intervals, you can change it here.

Date Format

Standard date format is mm/dd/yyyy. If you want a different format, select one from the drop down box.



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