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Setting Global Options

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Global program options are set via the Configuration command from the Main Menu Command Bar.



Manage User Accounts

Controls access to the ADCAR program and the functions and data therein through a system of user permission settings. In order to set up access control for ADCAR, you need to create a list of users and assign specific permissions to each. See Setting Up Usernames and Passwords for information about managing user accounts.

Supporting Lists

Edit the supporting lists for Airman Certificates and Cities, States and Postal Codes. See Editing Supporting Lists for information about editing the supporting lists.

Program Options

Opens the Program Options window. The majority of the program options are set via this dialog. See Setting Program Options for information about the settings contained therein.

Editing Options

Multi-Record Editing – Normally when editing records in ADCAR, you must manually place each individual record in edit mode by clicking the Edit button in the command bar. This can make for tedious work when you need to make changes to several records in a session. With Multi-Record Editing enabled, if you edit a record and then move to another record, the screen stays in edit mode. You only need to click the Edit button once.

Verify Required Fields – When selected, the required-field rules are enforced.

Verify Deletes – When selected, the program requires positive verification (via typing the word "Yes" in a message box) from the user before permanently erasing a database record.

Display Popup Hints – Enables display of pop-up hints for various fields and buttons within ADCAR. To display a pop-up hint, position the mouse pointer over the item and hold it there for a short while.



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