Product Support
Demo Mode Restrictions
The Basics
The Main Menu
Editing Records
Tool Bars
Keyboard Shortcuts
Manipulating Windows, Frames, and Columns
Configuring ADCAR
Setting Global Options
Setting Program Options
Setting Up Usernames and Passwords
Editing Supporting Lists
Database Management
Database Manager
Create Snapshot Database
Set Data Path
Select Snapshot Database
Select Live Database
Working With the Main Menu
Login New User
Change User Password
Update ADCAR
Working with Personnel Records
Personnel Data Window
General Information Section
Category Specific Information Section
Emergency Contacts
Certificates and Ratings
Assigned Aircraft
Personnel Groups
Job Titles
Training Events
Personnel Group Report Filters
Working with Aircraft Records
Aircraft Data Window
Aircraft Item Categories
Standard Aircraft Items
Aircraft Item Category Report Filters
Working with Equipment Records
Working with SMS Records
Working with Documents
Working with Reports
Creating Custom Reports
Report Preview Window
Report Setup Window
Templates Window

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